Enjoy working out in the beauty of nature.
A healthy body before you know it.
Your heart and mind will be opened.
For those who want to, but can’t take the first step, PLAY is the place to support you.
Enjoy the outdoors!
At PLAY, our rope climbing area is equipped with a large climbing wall which meets international standards and can be used for world class events. You can enjoy a yoga studio full of greenery, with top level instructors.
We provide programs which work
on your day to day physical and mental fitness,
as well as outdoor tours and events with a difference.
Our highly experienced instructors
with support you in health and in beauty.


We only have organic products in our Shower and Powder rooms.
No paraben, synthetic perfumes, synthetic dye, animal origin, mineral oil or silicon are used.
Our specially developed product 『 hanapirka 』 has been designed to leave
your skin feeling naturally beautiful.

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends・National holidays
  • Wednesday closed


610-4 Tanakacho Akishima-shi, Tokyo-to 196-0014, Japan
MORIPARK Outdoor Village

Change trains at Haijima station on Seibu Higima line・JR Hachiko line・JR Itsukaichi line
3 minutes on foot from Akisima station on JR Ome line (North exit)1 hour From Tokyo station on JR Chuo line・Ome line by the Special Rapid40 minutes from JR Shinjuku station on JR Chuo line・Ome line by the Special Rapid
20 minutes from Hachioji Interchange on the Chuo Expressway

25minutes from Hinode Interchange on the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway (KEN-O Expressway)


Please check here for details.

  • Entrance fee
    0 yen
  • Registration Fee
    1650 yen
  • Charge for changes
    550 yen
Monthly member 【 Outdoor fitness / Studio program / Climbing area Unlimited use for 1 month with no extra charges】
※ Under 18 years olds (including High school students) will not be able to register as a monthly member (but can register as a monthly climbing member).
Monthly Climbing member 【 1 month unlimited use of the Climbing area (No extra charges)】
※ Climbing for under 18 years old.

  • Under 15 years olds need parents’ or guardians’ supervision.
  • Must be accompanied by an adult in the rope climbing area.
  • The person belaying must be over 15 years old in the Rope climbing area. (Please see the user policy and contract for more rules and regulations).

Pay as you go member【Require tickets for Outdoor fitness / Studio program / Climbing area 】 (There is no monthly charge).